Buy One, Donate One

For every xMask sold, a medical mask is donated to a hospital in need.  To date over 50,000 medical masks have been donated across the US under this program.

The xMask Story

When the COVID pandemic emerged, fashion designer and revolutionary xSuit co-founder Maximilien Perez teamed with older brother/co-founder Reouven Perez and experienced product developer Warren Wartell to create masks that provide medical-grade filtration without sacrificing style or comfort. Max’s fashion apparel expertise perfectly paired with Reouven's 20 years in specialized medical PPE manufacturing as CEO of Medi1Link.  Together they created the ultimate facial protection mask - trademarked xMask.  Licensing partner LRT Sales offers officially licensed University logo xMask designs. 

xMasks combine functionality and fashion, style and safety. All xMasks protect against the spread of COVID-19 while looking great!  xMasks offer a custom user fit with excellent breathe-ability and replaceable KN95-certified filters.

Why the xMask?

The LRT xMask line of advanced face masks provides the ultimate in protection and style. The integrated, certified replaceable ALLFILTERS are designed to remove harmful particles out of the air you breathe. The xMask’s high-performance yet breathable outer fabrics are lightweight, comfortable, and hypoallergenic. xMasks are reusable and machine washable, with interchangeable filters.

Our masks are equipped with our exclusive filtered fasteners.  These provide 2-way KN95-certified filtration, protecting both the air being breathed in and out. This is unlike any competitor’s brand of similar looking mesh masks which use "exhaust valves" not recommended by CDC facial mask guidelines. Two filters are included with purchase, and additional xMask filter packs also available only on our store.

Innovative way to clean air.

Our community is the core anatomy of our brand. With that in mind, we've worked with our partners to produce the xMask. All xMasks are engineered to keep you healthy in any urban surrounding, to offer a personalized fit for optimal comfort and a sleek design.

Interchangeable Filter


The key to protection is in the mask's filter. xMask filters are certification tested by an independent testing lab to meet the KN95 specification - ≥95% particle filtration performance (equivalent to the N95 standard).  When you breathe in with the mask on, air passes through five important layers of protection before it reaches your lungs. Each layer has a different density in order to filter particles of different sizes. The multi-layer filter technology consists of the following layers:

  • Outside PP Layer:  Outside filter wrapping in a durable finish

  • Active Carbon Layer:  Filters gases and reduces odor

  • 1st Electro Charged Layer: Filters larger PM10, pollen and other allergens

  • 2nd Electro Charged Layer: Filters smaller PM2.5, dust, and other microscopic pathogens including bacteria and viruses.

  • Inside PP Layer: Inside filter with ultra-smooth and skin-friendly finish

The filter is replaceable and lasts for about 100 hours dependent on air quality and wearer handling. Each mask includes 2x filters. 

Dual Filtered Fastener System 

The two filtered fasteners securely attach the filter to the mask's outer shell to protect those around you by filtering exhaust.  The integrated 5-layer ALLFILTER cartridge in each fastener provides 2-way protection.  These are not exhaust valves.

Optimal Fit

The keys to effective facial mask protection is filter performance and the fit-factor. A mask needs to be comfortable to wear, and should seal around the edges of ones face to ensure that inhaled and exhaled air travels only through the filter. With adjustable components, the xMask is designed to offer a perfect fit for most face shapes.  This includes flexible neoprene ear-loops and an adjustable velcro strap to create a personalized, custom fit around the face.  

Comfort Wear

To further improve the fit of the mask and stop air from sneaking in around the edges of your nose, xMask's are equipped with an adjustable nose clip to minimize air leakage, regardless of one's face shape.  This nose guard also helps prevent glasses from fogging.  The xMask's shell fabric is made of a soft stretch material, offering comfort during periods of extended wear.  

Whats in the bag?

Each xMask comes in a sealed bag with 2 removable fasteners and 2 KN95-certified ALLFILTERs (with includes the optional fastener filters).  Order additional 5-Pack replacement filters and 2-Pack replacement fasteners in xMask Accessories.

Care Instructions

Machine washable using cold water only. Preferably wash by hand. Filter and fasteners must be removed when washing the mask. Hang to dry. Please note that the xMask filters cannot be washed or microwaved, and should be disposed of and replaced regularly. Additional Care and Use information available here.